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Author Topic: New Postal 3 shit  (Read 5435 times)


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New Postal 3 shit
« on: May 29, 2010, 07:45:10 PM »
Stolen from Dylan @ Resurrection Studios

[align=center]Postal III

Time changes many things ... Sometimes beyond recognition ... However, it also happens - a few years where something was not coming up - and all as it was, and is, as he stood, and stands. And sometimes - is less than six months, look and can not recognize the old place ...
That just happened to Postal III.
Only 5 months ago (and that is how much has passed since IgroMira 2009) I played it at an exhibition of MI in 2009 and spitting, trying not to offend anyone (and I spit a lot, believe me). It was not long, and I'm sitting at a computer already on the GDC 2010 and just did not stop surprising. Just six months ago, before my eyes was submitted some ugly duckling, but now I see before me a grown up, prettier and typing in the weight of the third Postal'Yes.


My acquaintance with the game started with a location-sandbox (already unexpectedly). Come with pockets full of weapons near the speedway. Pulling a gun more (and this was the pump shotgun), and ran past the speedway (it I decided to leave the sweet), I went to the city center. There, before us there was a picture of everyday life. By walking around the streets the police, ordinary people, masochists and running animals. It is time to destroy this peaceful idyll, I thought, loading bullets in a shotgun. The first flew head, severed from the body of the poor cop. Well, between the first and second as they say ... The street quickly filled with those or other scraps of bodies (legs, arms, head, torso). Shotgun ... somehow terribly corny, I thought ... why not take a detached oshmetok in the form of someone's feet, and do not knead MI passers? It was fun ...

Further, nalistav list badger and selecting it as a weapon, I ... I was surprised. He went back to the passer-by and pressed the "fire" - a badger ... bit off his head! Lots krovischi and good camera angles were present. Naotkusovavshis plenty of goals, I took a machete (the classics, what to say) and began to arrange dismemberment. Again clumps all over the map, a lot of blood and disgruntled cops. For a complete manyacheskogo satisfaction that I played a little football in his head, unbuttoned his pants and ... Well, if you played in the second part, you know what happened. But enough fun of civilians! I got a big gun and rushed. Again, a lot of krovischi, clumps (well, what you want, all the same it is fun) ...

Here I again caught the eye of Speedway. Zaprygnuv at him, I drove off to inspect the neighborhood. Location was extensive, and quite colorful - around the shops, simple houses, businesses ... the game was simply impossible to tear. All the time, visited the idea of the type "what if to do so ..." Correct once said the great John Carmack - a plot the game does not need much more than adult videos. " I sat for about an hour, and just Mesilla people not paying attention to the fact that "I" hung quest.


I'm glad the game the large arsenal (and, according to developers, in this beta was presented is not the whole arsenal).

At this point in the third part is transferred almost all the best from the past were often, but not only from the old to be built a new game. New Source engine provides a beautiful picture and realistic physics. View from third person, of course, a stranger, but clearly had benefited because got a lot of dynamic action (same as skating on the speedway or the use of badgers as a weapon).


Before the end of the development is more than six months, and the game should hit shelves in mid-December. During this time, promise: all, that is, sanded and all what is missing, add it. After the PC, the game should visit and console (Xbox360, PS3) to publishers of Akella. Since Source all the same more multiplayer engine - a network mode in the game added to BE.

Development of continuing the legendary "bad" game on the right track and gaining momentum. The developer has changed (now it TrashMasters), But the game does not lose marks. By the end of development we will see a standing, emotional project with a tag Must Have.

And to brighten up the waiting time, we offer you the exclusive clip called Trololo. Enjoy

Postal III - Trololo

Source: http://www.gameru.net/?a=35559&lang=en

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Re: New Postal 3 shit
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2014, 04:56:46 AM »
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