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Author Topic: "It's like Sherlock Holmes, if Watson were also Moriarty" HANNIBAL The Series  (Read 2823 times)


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TV Promo done with "The Spaces Inbetween" by How To Destroy Angels, whose extremely creepy video that was directed by Rupert Sanders created 3 years ago. Trent Reznor's best project, I feel, since NIN.

Watched it? good, let's go on.

Occasionally it's David Lynch directs. Austere colors, the normal appearing bizarre and downright sinister at times.

Other times it is XFiles meets Silence of The Lambs.

NBC's Hannibal has me watching TV again. The story is convoluted, the crimes are heinous and the violence happens like it should: in surprising outbursts. You can be certain while you are watching Hannibal that somewhere, someone is screaming at the tv.
Dr. Hannibal Lecter is played sinister and smooth. He is charismatic to where you would like to confide to him but he perfects the mask of no expression - giving nothing away. You may have seen Mads Mikkelsen as the Bond villain Le Chiffre in Casino Royal. He leaves that so far behind. He has the cheekbones and steely eyes to help you believe him to be Hannibal. A lot of time, anything he does - you can easily see Hopkins doing exactly the same way.
Somebody asked Bryan Fuller who was actually doing the butchering and dicing and slicing of meat in closeup shots--a stand-in or something? Bryan replied that is actually Mads Mikkelsen. Oh. So he really is that proficient with all those big sharp knives. Erm.

A website called The AV CLUB had this to say about Hannibal.
At once beautiful and languorous, Hannibal unfolds with the logic of a terrifying dream. Not a nightmare, per se, because the dream never grows to a place where the dreamer is physically threatened. But definitely one of those dreams where something is off, where the world has taken a turn for the worse, and everything looks to be at the wrong angle, and the dreamer simply cannot will himself awake.

Very spot on. You tend to finish an episode and find it stuck in your head all day, not unlike a vivid disturbing dream that you actually want to get back to. I really can't stress enough how they take anything ordinary and make it very sinister. Pouring creamer into a coffee cup for some reason invokes the image of blood mushrooming in water.

We all know who Hannibal is, but people inside a Hannibal Lecter story don't know they are in a Hannibal Lecter story which gives it that much more delightful creep and crescendo.

If it weren't for the good doctor's name and appearance, you'd think the show was about Will Graham, Hugh Dancy's character from the novel "Red Dragon" by Thomas Harris. The events of the show are leading up to that book which so far has made it delightful watching but also some pleased 2nd guessing by die hard Harris fans. 2nd guessing because Bryan Fuller was not able to secure all the rights to everything - so he has to tap dance. For those of you not aware: sometimes the individual characters in stories can suddenly be owned by other entities. This is why Johnny Mnemonic sucked so hard and why the movie was actually about Johnny.  Also why the recent OZ movie only featured sub characters and never once were the witches referred to by "Wicked Witch of the East/West/ yadda yadda".

Back to Will Graham. He actually imagines going through the actions of serial killers as he gets inside their head. He speaks their thoughts and ends it with "This is my design" as if the killer is speaking to him.
This has caused a few viewers to be put off by Will simply because he's so sweet and wounded and personalable suddenly he's kicking down a door, breaking a girl's ribs as he's strangling her and all other fun fun stuff that simply jostles the girl fans out of their "he's so dreamy" fugue.

Lawrence MuthaFuckin Fishburne is Jack Crawford. In the first episode he literally shouts an FBI agent out of the bathroom

"Well shit, I don't have to go anymore..."

This series is available on HULU now. Also on HULU is the .... yanked episode. They felt that in light of the Sandy Hook incident and the Boston Marathon bombings that maybe teens killing people would be in bad taste. That isn't to say they removed it, just put it elsewhere for now.

Hannibal is very rich in detail and emotions and horror and creepieness and you're going to love it.
Fun Fact: The food stylist for the show has a blog up called Feeding Hannibal. It's actually a very tough job.
I stop in at the Italian butcher who has gut, heart and liver but is horrified by my request for lung and spleen and rushes me out of his shop like I’m Rosemary’s Baby’s godmother or something.  ;D

Also every few days after Hannibal airs, my favorite review writer in the world CleoLinda Jones writes a recap. It not actually a review, it's a full blow scene by scene recap that at times leaves me howling with laughter. Some of you may have encounter CleoLinda's writings. Her Movies In 15 Minutes recaps are actually in print and her Movie-in-15-minute review of TROY was the 8th most linked blog entry in 2004. It was also stolen many many many many times.
So don't read Cleo first, always read Cleo's articles afterwards.

Think of it as dessert. Bon appétit

I got a fist full of bad ideas!