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Author Topic: Latest Chainsaw advice?  (Read 1471 times)


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Latest Chainsaw advice?
« on: January 19, 2005, 05:25:09 AM »
ok i like how it's a lot bette than the other. but always there is time for advice :-D

i think the handle is kind of bland. all the greys seem to meld into each other. i notice some detail on the sidebar, which is good, but since there's so much grey you kind of loose the notice.

the main body of the chainsaw is weird. like the yellow area.i noticed you did the ridges/indentations with textures. i think it should be in the model itself, as more polys!

i know as always your stuff is WIP, and i love the chain/blade area itself, but the body needs more detail.


you guys are doing a great job with some of the things i've been seeing! keep up the good work!

and don't forget to reach for the stars!

and while you're up there, piss on those damn aliens for me, will ya!
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