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Random Chat / Sound card advice.....
« on: December 21, 2010, 11:47:00 PM »
What up my friends, a quick question i would like to pose to you, in your opinion , what is the best sound card for both optimum music playback and gaming both, i just landed some Klipsch Pro Media Ultra surrounds and would like to replace my stock card in my gaming rig, one of the Gateway FX series , i figure if i am gonna get the best speaker rig that i can, i should do it justice and replace the sound card while i am at it, would that also require upping the power supply as well?..the 400 watt one it came with is handling the 8 gigs of RAM and 1 gig low voltage Sapphire video card i have in it now...2.66 quad Q9400 processer.
Any advice would be gold!, thanks to you all in advance:heart::)

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