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Random Chat / Happy fucking birthday Duck and Cover
« on: April 02, 2013, 07:47:24 AM »
Much respect man, have a good day.

General Information / Free POSTAL 2 Steam key to all RS members
« on: January 09, 2013, 02:01:08 PM »
Hey all!

As a thank you to our long standing members (and newer regular members) I'm gonna give out POSTAL 2 Steam keys to anyone that asks in this thread.  It does not matter if you have already have the game, or have already been given a key by myself or MrD for some other reason, you can take this new key and give it to a friend, or sit on it for a while to maybe trade.

Just post below to express your interest and I'll PM you one, thanks!

Level Design / MinisterToms Questions I need help with
« on: January 06, 2013, 02:30:59 PM »
I've started a new thread to keep this one focused on the things I don't know how to do, or might need help with.

I'm coming to the end of my document and example maps for the stuff I do know, but I thought I'd take time out to address the things I can't help you with myself directly:

Animated door handles.
I have made a few nice door models for use in the game, and if possible without a shit ton of coding then I would like the handles to animate (like Half Life 2..), I have no problem rigging my meshes, but then it would have to be a skeletalmesh which I don't think I can use as a mover.

Or would this be accomplished by having a separate mesh for the door handle and making the door its parent, keeping the correct pivot point to make it rotate with the door, and also trigger its own rotation?

I'm honestly not sure if this will work 'out the box'.  You can attach movers to movers, but I'm not sure if we can make them work independently from each other. Anyone? Could it be coded via Uscript if not? It would be a really nice feature.

Sitting pawns
Are there any custom animations/classes available for this already? I would like part of my mod to be based in a restaurant of some description, and some of the pawns should be sat down to make the environment feel more realistic.

We would need the animations made that's for sure, and then some kinda system where the pawns are told where to sit (although that should be no problem).  We have the full, POSTAL 2 max rigs for you if you want to download those, and then make your own animations for sitting!

Toggleable Spotlight
Attached to the player and switched on and off with a button.

I think this can be done with a bit of coding, but sadly dynamic lighting does not work on terrain (even UT2004 faked headlight effects in vehicles with projectors)

We would like to invite you to come and follow us on Facebook and Google+! Break up the annoying CrapVille invites and boring random Viral news posts with something relevant from ourselves (we do only post relevant things about POSTAL and RWS, no sharing what we had for dinner or linking you to cat videos on youtube).

Please come and help us look all popular, and stuff.

Click here for Facebook!

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And if you do like to hear more frequent goings on in the POSTAL world, you can follow us on our new Twitter account:


POSTAL 2 Mods / POSTAL 2 weapon mods question
« on: October 01, 2012, 11:43:57 AM »
A friend of Vince has asked me for a list of the best weapon mods for P2 that are out (beyond just P2 and AWP).  I'm kinda out the loop for that, so can any of you let me know all the notable and released mod packs for single player?

General Information / Upcoming project: Postal 2 Resurrected
« on: August 06, 2012, 05:54:52 PM »
As some of you were probably catching bits of information here and there about this,  I though I'd briefly detail it a little more in this thread.

In short, what we are doing is rebooting all 3 of the major Postal 2 Res-studios modifications, namely Eternal Damnation(both SP and MP), A week in Paradise (AWP) And the 1409X Patch.

Since all these mods were released, we have and made many improvements and updates to all 3 that are in various stages of development and unreleased.  From massive updates to ED's single player maps, to new game play mechanics, and a whole lot more. Few videos of various proof of concepts as an example:

Weapon Selection Menu

Vending Machines

Postal Arcade - Metal Slug style shooter

Postal Arcade - HOTD style

I hate seeing wasted work, and it's fair to say we have a lot of that. While I could just release it all as it is, none of it is really playable out the box and requires much work to integrate it seamlessly into ED / AWP / 1409X.

Oh, and as well as our usual skilled bunch here at RS like Gamefan, MrDownerup and myself, Kamek has confirmed he will be on board!

The idea is to get all these, and many more improvements into both AWP and ED, and then get them fully released on the ModDB and Desura.  To achieve this I will be working on the project full time for at least 3-4 months, and will be doing an indiegogo / kickstarter to raise enough cash to cover any costs, and so I can afford to take time away from the day job (or night job, as it is). 
First thing is making a good, professional video for the kickstarter page which we are in the process of doing (expect to see alot more examples of what he already have in that!).   I'll keep you all updated on our progress.

We are still trying to decide the reward tiers.  This is what we are considering so far, if you have any ideas, please let us know!  (this is a little updated from the list I posted in another thread so give it a look through if you already saw that).

What would tempt you to contribute more?

You will be thanked in the credits for your contribution.

You will get a copy of Postal 2 and AW on Desura, as well as getting thanked in the credits.

You will get access to our private forums to offer ideas to the team. Plus all previous reward tiers

You will get a copy of Postal 2 and AW on Desura, plus all previous reward tiers

Full involvement in the process! You will have access to the main development boards, and be able to download each update as the team share between themselves.  You will have direct input into the design process. Also all previous reward tiers.

100$ (maximum of ? backers)
Be in the game! Have your face digitally imposed onto one of the ingame NPCs that will appear a few times throughout the game. Also all previous reward tiers.

100$ Alternative  (maximum of ? backers)
Buy billboard space!  You may use a billboard in both AWP and ED to display anything you like (that you own the rights for).

100$ Alternative  (maximum of ? backers)
If you are in a band and would like to promote your music, this tier will allow you to select 4 locations (2 in ED and 2 in AWP) to have your music playing as background music from a radio / Stereo.

150$ (maximum of ? backers)
Be in the game 3 times! As well as an NPC you can also be one of the zombie NPCs that will also appear a few times throughout the game. ALSO you can be one of the selectable MP characters Also all previous reward tiers.

200$ (maximum of 3 backers)
Cameo appearance in the game. as well as being digitally imposed onto one of the ingame NPCs, you will be giving lines of dialog to record and get to interact with the games main Character in a way we choose.

250$ (Maximum of 2 backer)
Custom Cameo appearance in the game. as well as being digitally imposed onto one of the ingame NPCs, you will be giving lines of dialog to record and get to interact with the games main Character in a way YOU choose (to be discussed with team).

Main role appearance in game.  As well as being digitally imposed onto one of the ingame NPCs, your NPC will fight alongside the game's main character as an AI companion in one of the levels!

Okay here is the deal:

As some of you might have read by now, we are doing a mini kickstarter, in order to enable me to take a few months off work to lead a project full time.  The project will be a big revamp and re-release of all the major Postal 2 mods:  Eternal damnation, A week in Paradise and the 1409X multiplayer patch.  It will gather all the work we have done and not released over the last few years, add a ton more, and get all 3 fully released on the mod Data base and compatible with Desura.

Part of making a good Kickstarter (or indiegogo, as it will be) pitch is having a solid video.  I have a good idea of what I want it to say, and also the footage I will show.  The main problem is I'm not a natural public speaker by any means, so I'm looking for someone to read it for me.  Someone natively English would probably be best (although don't let that put you off if you're not and really believe you can do this well).  It's a voice over only, you'll not have to actually appeir in the video. I might represent your character with a Postal 2 pawn for fun though.

It's not a paid position, if the Kickstater itself does well enough (and we get on or above the target amount) I'll offer a little reward after the event.  PM me or reply below if you are able to help out. 

General Information / Animator for Postal 2 Resurrected
« on: August 04, 2012, 11:38:43 AM »
We will need animator for the upcoming project Postal 2 Resurrected.  More detail on the project itself later, but in short it will be an update to AWP and ED which will take all the unfinished work over the last few years and get it released, with a bunch of new additions and updates. 

It will be Resurrections Studios last big project for Postal 2 and will be heavily promoted. This project will be finished in some shape or form.

Both the new AWP and ED will be available via ModdDB and Desura, and may well end up on an new RWS compilation pack (like the fudge pack).

What we really want is an Animator who is able to use the existing Postal 2 Max Rigs to make more third person animations, both gestures and also ones related to cut scenes.  To be used in both ED and AWP. 

The position is unpaid, although on completion of the project those that helped out my get a bonus payout for their time.

...to help it?  It's this crash I mean the most:

General protection fault!

History: FCollisionHash::ActorLineCheck <- CheckWithActors <- ULevel::MultiLineCheck <- ULevel::SingleLineCheck <- APawn::physWalking <- AFPSPawn::performPhysics <- AFPSPawn::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

Okay so was thinking on this, it's not overly likely anything will come of it but thought it would be entertaining to chat about anyway.

To be honest, these days I just can't bring myself to use my spare time for volunteer Postal projects anymore. I do enjoy it, but it's time that could be used to bettering myself in other areas or working on things that I could get money for. Or jerking off.

Although I know  the hardcore fans here are mostly broke and ED hardly has a massive following these days being a 6 year old mod for a 9 year old game, I've toyed with the idea of doing a mini kickstarter to cover getting paid for working on it.  I figure a fair guess for the amount of work that would go into finishing the freeroam, and remake itself would be about a 1 - 2 months worth full time (would may take a little longer than that mind because I'd not be able to go full time all the time, but just for the sake of working out the man hours I'll say about 6 weeks).

I'd say a realistic amount for such time would be around $1,500 bucks which would pay me much less than minimum wage but that's cool because I of course do still enjoy modding Postal 2.  So that would need 100 people donating 15 bucks, or less donating more.  I know that's very unlikely but I thought I'd see what you guys say, I might also link this thread in other forums like www.en.postalsite.info.

To summarize, I'd

-Finish off all the loose ends for the single player remake. I've got a ton of never before seen work and levels that are at various stages of completion. I'll also work to add back in a few levels cut from the Final ED release.  In short it will be a much better mod than was released in 2006, with better framerates, more content, and way more streamlined gameplay.

-Finish off the ED freeroam.  This was about 60% done, with a ton of maps being linked together.  I'd have to make sure they all fitted together better and conform the lighting.  Depending on time left, I could even add in some mini objectives like collected enough money to enter a main building (code is already in place for that, in fact).

-Finish off the improved MP mod and even make sure there is at least one server up for it after.

Again, it's more for entertainment purposes I made this thread, but who knows there might be more support out there for ED / more P2 content than I know.

Random Chat / drupal
« on: June 19, 2012, 10:46:39 AM »
By any chance, does anyone here know their shit about this content management system?

News / Postal 3 and all other Postal games on sale NOW from RWS.
« on: April 21, 2012, 07:35:21 PM »
Postal 3 and all other Postal games on sale NOW from RWS.

A massive 60% off Postal 3!

Hey there POSTAL Fans

Has paying the government got you down?  Did you just take out a 3rd mortgage on your trailer to pay the IRS on april 15?  Well Running With Scissors has your back.  We are discounting all of our POSTAL products to save you money! Get POSTAL III Steam keys and Boxed copies for an AMAZING 60% off MSRP.  You can now get a fresh Steam Key or boxed copy of POSTAL III for $16!!!  YOU HEARD ME RIGHT, $16!!!  POSTAL Fudge packs will only cost you $10, Downloadable copies of POSTAL II will only cost you $8 and Apocalypse Weekend and POSTAL Classic and Uncut will only cost $4.

To get your discounted products while supplies last just head over to POSTALGAMES.com , or follow the links on the right hand side of this website!

General Information / Copyright infringement!
« on: March 23, 2012, 06:47:02 PM »

lol. Never thought I'd see the day someone outside of the site / community lifted our logo for an avatar.

News / New Running With Scissors site
« on: March 11, 2012, 05:57:58 PM »

In an effort to make a more community driven website, RWS decided to use a similar system to what we use here at RS, having a forums based around a news portal.  Soon this will be what the main URL www.runningwithscissors.com directs to, for now you guys here are the first to know about it's existence and can access it from the link below.  The site is being run by myself and MrD on the same software we use here, so you'll feel right at home.

Sign up and help build our new community.


Games / I need a favour
« on: March 07, 2012, 05:54:11 PM »

Hey guys!

There are various threads going around for collection of Postal 2 mods, but I wanna get a real comprehensive list of as many Postal 2 mods (other then the big ones like AWP, ED and AVPC).  Not just the links, but at least one screenshot of each.  This is for these forums, and also the RWS front page and forums.

Anyone care to help out?  I'm juggling a few other things right now so will be ages until I get around to this, and to be honest I'm somewhat out the loop with what is actually out here.

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