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POSTAL 2 Support / How set Bump Maps in PostED?
« on: June 10, 2016, 03:50:30 PM »
How to set "bump maps" in the editor ?? I've seen something like this in mod Postal 2: Retribution.
I would like to know what and how to set to work.
Is it at all possible in this engine?

Eternal Damnation, AWP and 1409XL / Can do it , Sequel ED
« on: May 14, 2016, 04:19:14 AM »
I wanted to let you know is working on the sequel to "Eternal Damnation."

Everything will be great, because I'm a fan of Postal and this modification. I am a rich experience, but I had a break in the development. Old files are topics on the forum PostalSite.info. This is my third big project (two lost). The sequel will be the same city (maps sometimes slightly refreshed), the same hero John Murrey, and of course the new action ...
The only problem is the lack of new dialogues. I have a great desire to work will not be interrupted. Maybe next week show a screenshot. It depends on the interest of the idea. I came up with the name, the first was "Heartache ", but the "forgiveness of sin" That sounds really better and refers to the new plot.
I would like to have someone of Resurrection spoke to me, and then we worked together, it would be more official then.

Who would want to make a logo for the name?

>> Eternal Damnation : forgiveness of sin

Please write how you like the concept of return john !?

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