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Title: AVPC v1300 another dud??? Someone Help??
Post by: heroin on July 03, 2008, 06:44:55 PM
:axe:  yet again i find myself posting about avpc fun game but quite possibly the most frustrating out of every single postal mod ever so i got the new version of the site and i was hoping just for the small silver of a chance thance the map might work prolly not but okay, so it didnt but that really wasnt a big let down considering none of the avpc version or updates ever have had a working map. what the really frustrating thing was that yet again even without the actually necesary requirement of having the map i played for 8 hours for about 5 or 6 days straight and no matter where you go you cant win, fuck the most i ever fucking got was on a older version and all i got was the first objective on the first day.  so im kinda saying first of all is there anyone who fucking has even got to second objective on this game ever???? and although the map may not work is there anyone that can at least wright up like oka go through this way kinda like a walkthrough to at least get somewhat farther in the game because i have wondered till i thought "dude" was gonna pass out lol and gotten no where so someone help me out

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